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Toledo Campus
(419) 866-1931
7115 W. Bancroft
Toledo, OH 43615-3010
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Perrysburg Campus
(419) 874-9385
13587 Roachton Rd.
Perrysburg, OH 43551-1154
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Toledo Campus

Toledo Campus Parking Lot and Carline Update

As many of you noticed during carline the last few days, more work is happening to widen the south side of Bancroft St. and re-locate our front entrance. Work will be taking place before and during school hours so be prepared for some potential maneuvering. This weekend, Nov. 10-11, parking lot striping is scheduled, which will dramatically affect carline on Monday, Nov. 12.

Below are directions for carline. A map also is available to download. You also will receive a printed copy of the plan in your child's backpack. We will have help on hand the first few days to help streamline drop off and pick up. Thank you for your patience.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Fisher or Dawn Weating at (419) 866-1931.

Parking and Carline Instructions
West Side Montessori - Toledo Campus
Effective Monday, Nov. 12

Parking LotAll vehicles enter and turn to the right following a counterclockwise pattern. Side-by-side white (black on map) and green painted lines and arrows lead drivers to the appropriate carline or parking spaces. Staff parking spaces are painted yellow.

Toledo West
Parking for the Toledo West building has changed. Half of the parking spaces are oriented differently for safer and smoother interior traffic flow.  For West carline follow the solid line painted white (black on map).  Drivers may not cut in carline at any point. To park in the West lot follow the broken lines painted white (black on map).  All parking spaces painted white (black on map) are for parents and visitors. Exit pathways are painted with yellow arrows.

Toledo East
For East carline follow the solid line painted green.  To park in the East lots follow the dotted line painted green. Drivers may not cut in carline at any point. Exit pathways are painted with yellow arrows.

Crosswalks are not shown on the map but will also be painted and tested for pedestrian safety before permanent installation occurs next spring.

Watch for the interior STOP signs where merging and alternating occur.  Be polite and set a good example for your children.  Never cut in carline.  Always check for traffic from behind before pulling out of carline. 

Cell PhoneCell Phone and Electronic Devices Policy
Only use your cell phone or other electronic devices in a designated parking space on school property. Please don’t enter the school parking lot while on your phone. SAFETY IS OUR NUMBER ONE PRIORITY.