Organizational & Economic Experiences

The mission of the Business Committee is to encourage students to become comfortable with, interested in, and excited about economics and finance so that they can function knowledgeably in their personal lives, professionally and as responsible citizens.

Business Committee allows student to learn basic economic concepts through planning and operating a middle school business. One of the major responsibilities of the committee is organizing and hosting a yearly Buy Local Sale. The sale boasts over twenty yearly vendors and students are responsible for the entire event. The sale, typically held in early December, serves as a community building event as older students assist younger ones with their holiday shopping.

Throughout the school year the committee will engage in various endeavors including plant sales, fundraising and charitable giving. Students are always welcome to initiate new businesses and projects. We encourage student planning and participation in the planning and operation of the life of the school community.

Proceeds from the business are used to purchase the 8th grade gift to the school and have also been used to defray certain field trip costs. When appropriate, the class may choose to use some of the funds for memorials or charitable causes

Middle School making lunchPractical & Culinary Experiences

Once a month students pause from their busy schedules to gather in the commons and enjoy a family-style meal during the lunch hour. Students are responsible for meal planning and budgeting, shopping, preparation and serving of the food to fellow classmates and faculty. Parents are welcome to volunteer to help students and guide them in the preparation of meals that are cultural or family favorites.

Students utilize practical math skills to budget and purchase food. They are able to hone their culinary skills with the help of teachers or parents volunteers. During these weekly meals students mingle with teachers and West Side staff eating, laughing and enjoying each other’s company.

Experiences like these are an example of the deep sense of community here at WSM. Classmates are not just your peers, they are your oldest and most cherished friends. Tom and Mary are more than just your teachers, they are trusted mentors who attend your hockey games and dance recitals. They will be there when you need help with your high school math problems or research papers and welcome you back to visit with open arms.

The safe, nurturing and familial experience of a McMaster Middle school education cannot be matched.


After School Programs

Power of the Pen

Power of the Pen is an interscholastic writing program for young writers in the state of Ohio. Participants meet weekly after school to prepare for a tournament series that culminates with a state championship held during the month of May. This program is ideal for Middle School students who have an interest in creative writing and a desire to improve their expressive writing skills. Participating in Power of the Pen facilitates enhanced communication skills and allows Mary to help students develop a creative voice that is uniquely their own.