How will the lack of organized sports affect my child?

Many of our students are highly talented athletes who play for exclusive travel leagues. Our graduates have the confidence to join sports teams in high school despite the lack of WSM sports. Currently we have high school alumni playing the following sports: field hockey, lacrosse, soccer, crew, golf, tennis, softball, volleyball, hockey and ultimate Frisbee. With a new gym on the horizon organized sports may very well be in our not so distant future!

What are the benefits of staying through 8th grade?

Middle School is the culminating experience of a West Side Montessori education. It is where all of the independence, confidence and knowledge that your child has accumulated converges with the maturity of young adulthood. To leave before Middle School is to deny your child the capstone years of an unrivaled educational experience.

How is the transition from a small middle school to a large high school?

A WSM education instills great confidence and independence. Our graduates succeed and excel academically and socially at both public and private high schools.

What sort of course placement can I expect for my child in high school?

94% of our graduates are admitted into multiple honor classes and achieve honor roll status in high school.