The Ultimate Going-out Experiences

ACE Adventure

Every other year 7th and 8th level students travel to ACE Adventure Resort in the wilds of West Virginia. ACE is a first class resort located on the New River Gorge. Students spend the week engaging in team building activities and connecting with nature while white water rafting, climbing, rappelling, zip lining, hiking and enjoying Adventure Lake. The activities promote team building and help students develop self-esteem and openness to new experiences.

Sound to Sea

Every other year 7th and 8th level students travel to North Carolina’s Outer Banks to study a diverse sampling of ecological communities. Sound to Sea is an immersive habitat-based program that allows our students to explore the ecological communities of the sound, saltwater marsh, freshwater pond, maritime forest, and beach. This multi-disciplinary, hands-on experience allows students to practically apply aspects of our math and science curriculum to real-world research. Our oceanic adventure happens in the Fall which allows 7th level students a chance to bond with the 8th level students and establish their place in Middle School.

Washington D.C.

Each year our 8th level students travel to our nation’s capital to explore the museums and historical sites that the D.C. area has to offer. Students are responsible for planning the itinerary, budgeting for meals and navigating the city’s metro and bus lines. By allowing the students to take charge of their adventure it becomes an authentic travel experience and allows them to develop important practical life skills. This tradition is a meaningful bonding experience for our 8th level students as they prepare to leave their West Side family and embark upon their high school careers.