Measuring Success

Montessori schools are unique in their approach to measuring student success. West Side Montessori focuses on nurturing a love of learning by teaching children how to work, including: organizing time and space; accepting responsibility for their own learning; taking appropriate risks; respecting the environment and the needs of others; and creating a democratic community. Success in reaching these goals is measured in a number of ways including: teacher observations, self-correcting work, work plans, student self-evaluations, performance rubrics, portfolios of written work, weekly reports to parents, parent conferences, grade cards, student presentations and, to a lesser degree, content specific tests.

Our Graduates

The school's graduates are sought after by area parochial, private and public schools and have distinguished themselves in high school, college and beyond. They have held numerous leadership positions such as class president; student body president; sports, debate or drama team captain; and school ambassador. The school counts among its alumni numerous high school valedictorians, team captains, student government officers and leaders of all kinds. They are resilient and creative, a result of growing and learning in an environment that encourages children to take appropriate risks and learn from their mistakes. West Side's graduates seek challenges, are confident speaking and performing in public, and show uncommon resilience in pursuing their goals. They frequently cite that their appreciation for differences in various cultures and viewpoints was nurtured during their Montessori experience with its commitment to peace.

West Side Montessori graduates currently attend or have graduated from the following partial list of colleges and universities:

  • Beloit College
  • Bowling Green State University
  • Brandeis University
  • Bryn Mawr College
  • Carleton College
  • Case Western Reserve Dental School
  • Case Western Reserve Engineering School
  • Case Western Reserve Medical School
  • Columbia University Graduate School of Social Work
  • Georgetown University
  • George Washington University
  • Harvard University
  • Hobart and William Smith Colleges
  • Indiana University
  • Kalamazoo College
  • Kenyon College
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Miami University
  • Michigan State University
  • Notre Dame University
  • Oberlin College
  • Princeton University
  • Purdue University
  • Stanford University
  • The Ohio State University Veterinary School
  • University of Chicago
  • University of Cincinnati Architecture School
  • University of Dayton
  • University of Michigan
  • University of Michigan Graduate School of Library Science
  • University of Pennsylvania
  • University of Toledo College of Medicine 
  • Vanderbilt University
  • Vassar College
  • Wake Forest Law School
  • Wittenberg University