Can you tell the difference between an ovoid and an ellipsoid? Our four year olds can!

They gobble up new words and concepts as fast as we can feed them. We know that rich vocabulary leads to detailed thinking and predicts academic success. West Side Montessori alum Danielle Fisher-Snyder (pictured above with her daughter, Madrin) is a good example.

When Danielle attended West Side 40 years ago, she astonished her parents by picking up a glass of milk at the dinner table and exclaiming, “Look dad, a circular cylinder!” When she was in college, one of Danielle’s professors marveled at her fearless approach to her artwork and her ability to fully articulate ideas, with words or with clay. He asked where she had gone to school and when she said, “West Side Montessori” his response was “Aaah, I thought so.”

Now Danielle is a West Side parent herself. She is offering her daughter the same opportunity for academic success that she experienced as a Montessori child. Danielle knows the first six years are critical in her child’s development and wants to capitalize on every moment. What a great head start!

Our goal is to help each child – as young as 13 months through 8th grade – become the best thinker and most capable person he or she can be. We engage children to direct their own learning in powerful ways. And they not only love school, they thrive. 

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