4 Reasons Why Montessori Classrooms are Engaging Environments!

Posted on by Helena Eddings

An authentic Montessori classroom is anything but ordinary, but it should always be these four things:

 Appealing: students should be magnetized to work that provokes their imagination

• Accessible: low shelving and easy to reach objects promote interaction early on

• Instructive: individualized instruction in a home-like setting keeps conversations intimate between students and teachers

• Intuitive: children should be given the opportunity to explore and discover independently with guidance as needed

 Rather than letting each child run wild, our teachers direct students towards the day’s “work” or set of materials in subjects such as math, science, art, language, and geography. In our classrooms, you won’t see Children’s House (3-6) students engaging in passive worksheets or workbooks to simply pass time. Instead, each student is given a presentation of the work at hand, how to use it, and why it applies to the greater world outside. Students also begin to write and learn cursive in Children’s House, so that by the elementary level they’re able to journal about their experiences and most important takeaways from their hands-on work.

The result is a revolutionary approach to learning with intention – a seedling of an idea has the power to inform a child’s entire day.

A Montessori education is designed to help children interact in a variety of ways that stimulate the senses. Role plays and modeling are often employed to explain an idea, while bright colors, low shelving, and small groups offer physical, intellectual, and emotional motivation to help students keep exploring on their own.

A natural curiosity is the firestarter that illuminates the world’s brightest imaginations.



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