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Weeks of October 14 and October 21

Posted on by Poplar

Pumpkins, Pumpkins, Pumpkins

We learned a lot about pumpkins.  We had a classic practical life work out – pumpkin pounding.  These children love a hammer!  When our poor pumpkin had received enough trauma, we opened it up and pulled out the seeds.  We saved a few to plant and watch grow for a while.  The children learned about the life cycle of a pumpkin which was accompanied by a craft.  They also learned about the parts of a pumpkin with Megan, our UT student.  Her lesson was accompanied by a craft which you may have seen come home.

Land, Air, and Water

We found out that the Earth is generally made of three non-living things. Land, air, and water are found all over the place!  The children had a discussion about where we would find all of these things on the Earth.  We also practiced figuring out if certain things belonged on the land, in the air, or in the water.

Practical Life

We introduced a new food preparation, preparing a bowl of cereal.  The children pour cheerios into a bowl, add milk, and enjoy.  When they are finished eating, if there is any cereal left in the bowl they must pour it into a strainer that they must first put in the sink.  Then they have to take care of the rest of their dishes.


At our staff in-service with Chip, we learned how to run class meetings, even with our age level.  As a beginning step, we introduced how to give acknowledgements to each other.  We pass a ball around at circle time.  When a child gets the ball, he or she can choose to give an acknowledgement to someone or he or she can pass the ball to the next person.

An acknowledgement is something nice, helpful, or peaceful they saw one person or several people doing during the morning.  It must be something they saw in the classroom.  This particular aspect can be tricky for some children, but so far the Poplar Room children have been doing great!  When someone receives an acknowledgement, that person will tell the acknowledger “thank you.”  Once we master acknowledgements, we will add another skill to practice.

Good-bye Ribovich Family

Lastly, we said good-bye to Lauren Ribovich on October 30.  She and her family are moving to Akron.  We wish them all the best of luck and send them off with tons and tons of love.  Your family will be missed!!


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