More than 100 years ago Dr. Maria Montessori described “the absorbent mind” of children during their first three years of life as the most critical period in each child’s brain development. Recent research reveals that babies have an innate moral code and make decisions about themselves and others from a very early age.  This insight reinforces the Montessori perspective that humans have astonishing mental capacity from birth.

How can parents support each child’s explosive brain development? Become a skilled observer – an expert on your child’s needs. Young children telegraph their needs very clearly. Fortunately, most parents naturally respond to their babies’ babbles and cries, their grasping for things to touch and their urge to explore. Children need to move, to have multiple sensory experiences in order to understand the world around them.

Building muscles is critical to building coordination, which is critical to developing concentration and independence. Let your toddler push, pull, climb, and roll. Let them get dirty. Let them play outside. Let them run and when they fall, pick them up, brush them off, and send them back to play some more.  Overreacting sends the message to the child that they need you to protect them. It robs them of the courage to fail and try again. Parents who stress over normal bumps and scrapes and strive to keep their toddlers safe at all costs deprive them of the most natural and critical learning possible.

Curiosity and persistence are character traits that parents can influence in their children in order to help develop resilient, healthy adults.  Become an expert on your child’s development by observing and providing a myriad of experiences to meet their demonstrated needs. It’s the best way to maximize individual brain power and give your child a leg up in an uncertain world.


Join us on September 29th to hear our Montessori- certified teachers present on topics ranging from parenting, curriculum, Montessori principles, and the outdoor classroom.

Montessori University will host two sessions starting at 6:30 pm with the second session following at 7:15 pm. Parents of toddlers to middle school levels are welcome to attend both sessions.

Montessori University is an opportunity to learn more about West Side Montessori through the eyes of children and teachers.  More information regarding learning session topics will follow soon.



Join us for a scoop-full of fun with ice cream sundaes, fun games, and fellow West Side Montessori families on Sunday, Sept. 18, at this year’s Sweet September Sundae. The event is from 2-4:30 p.m. on the Toledo campus at 7115 W. Bancroft.

This annual fall tradition provides all WSM families and friends a chance to get re-acquainted following summer vacation, catch-up with alumni, and welcome new families to our community. Free ice cream sundaes are available for everyone!

Sweet September Sundae is a success each year because of its dedicated volunteers! Sign-up for your time slot to help out at the welcome table, serve ice cream, set up, and clean up. One hour of your time helps to make this annual event as great as always! Click here to sign-up TODAY!


Montessori education allows children to learn using materials that foster independence, confidence and critical thinking. Check out the joyous reaction one of our 3-year old students experienced after completing his math work!

The Acorn to Oak class is an eight-week parent-child program designed for infants and toddlers who are not enrolled in a Montessori program.

This program provides an opportunity for the adult to interact with the child as the teacher guides them through the child-directed process of learning.  Children learn through hands-on experiences and the adults have a group discussion to learn about their children’s development and ask questions while the children have a supervised group snack.  In addition to providing developmentally appropriate materials and positive social skills, grace and courtesy are modeled by the adults. Class may also include a group circle time with music and movement.  Spaces are limited, register today!

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