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Posted on by Sassafras

Our passports are filling up!  From Australia we traveled to the continent of Africa.  First we found the continent on the globe and then compared it to the puzzle map.  The children discovered there are a lot of countries that make up Africa.  In small groups we read the story Bringing Rain to the Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema.   The main character in the story is a man named Ki-pat  who shoots an arrow into the the clouds and makes it rain.  We talked about the seasons of Africa, the wet and the dry season, and compared it to the four seasons we have here in Ohio.  We also learned that the story took place in the savanna, or the grasslands, of Africa.  The children were able to look at the pictures in the book and see how the dry season effects the savanna and the animals that live there.  We talked about migration and the reason why animals migrate.  Using a natural colored raffia to represent the savanna in the dry season, each child had the chance to help fill in a portion of a map of Africa to represent where the savanna is located by gluing on small bits of the raffia.  When this portion was complete, we saw there were still other areas of Africa not covered with our “grass”.  We then went on to talk about the desert areas and the rain forest that cover Africa as well.  To represent those areas we added sand for the deserts and leaves for the rain forest.  The children really enjoyed the process of creating this map.

In addition to the group lesson, many other works were added to the geography shelves.  Flags were available for the children to color.  They could do some matching work with animals of Africa.  But, by far, the most popular choice was pin pushing African animals.  Several children pin pushed out so many they could make a poster that looked like a scene from the savanna!

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