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Ancient Egypt

Posted on by Sassafras

One work that was added to the geography shelves included several objects and cards about ancient Egypt.  Objects such as the Pyramids of Giza, the Sphinx, the mask of King Tut and a sarcophagus could be matched to a card that pictured the object and included a brief explanation of it.  The children were very interested in this work, even though it was a little difficult to understand some of the concepts it represented.  (Some of the objects were images of a few of the gods the ancient Egyptians believed in.)  To help it all make more sense, we read a simple book about King Tut and the man who discovered his tomb. The children were fascinated to learn that King Tut was just a boy when he became the Pharaoh.  They were also very curious about all of the things discovered in his tomb and why his tomb had been hidden.  We learned a little about pyramids and mummies (Mummies are real, zombies are not!  And mummies don’t chase people around like they do in Scooby Doo!)  Many children created their own pyramid out of paper.  Some children also made a nemes-the headdress depicted on the mask of King Tut.


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