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Appreciating our Earth

Posted on by Maple

Earth Day and recycling have been our topics of focus recently. We discussed the importance of taking care of our Earth not just on Earth Day, but every day. There are small ways to help that are easy and don’t take much time to do, but can make a huge difference in making our worl a cleaner and healthier place to be. A book called 10 Things I Can Do to Help My World by Melanie Walsh provided us with wonderful tips. Some of them included turning off the water as you are brushing your teeth and turning it back on to rinse (saves about 18 glasses of water each time), using both sides of your paper when writing or coloring (reduces the number of trees used to make paper), and taking walks instead of driving (helps reduce air pollution). As a fun activity, the children planted seeds in a decorated cup to bring home and care for. Plants help keep the air clean too. They decided the seeds needed sunlight, air, and water to grow. This activity requires patience in order to see the results of their planting.

Mpic28                  The children planted flower seeds on Earth Day.


Another project we embarked on took a couple of meeting times to work on. This involved making a papier mache Earth.  We began by covering the balloon with papier mache and newspaper strips. We got really messy, but everyone had fun doing it. In the next step, we put on blue and green tissue paper pieces to represent the land and the water. Each child had their own unique interpretation of how much of the Earth was made up of water and how much represented the land. After it is dry, we will poke some holes into the hardened papier mache and pop the balloon inside. Then, the Earth can be placed over a flameless tealight candle to illuminate it.

Mpic23                      We don’t mind getting messy for a good reason.

Mpic24                  This is the first step in making our Earth project.


Step 2- Adding the tissue paper

Earth2          This step takes a lot of time to completely cover the balloon.

Earth3                                                  Almost finished!

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