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Australia continued

Posted on by Sassafras

Australia is such a fascinating continent! We spent another morning in small group lessons learning a little bit more about this unique country. First we reviewed why it is called “The Land Down Under” and how its seasons are opposite from ours. Looking through books we talked about some of the landmarks and important places that can be found there. For example, Uluru, the largest rock in the world is near the middle of the continent in what is known as the outback. Most people live near the edges of the continent because the outback is so hot and dry. There aren’t neighborhoods in the outback, those who live there have to travel great distances before getting to a neighbor’s house. Because of this the children don’t go to school, they have school at home. In the past they would use radios to communicate with their teachers, now they can use computers and the internet. We discovered that Australia has miles and miles of beautiful beaches and that many people in Australia enjoy water sports such as surfing, swimming and snorkeling. We saw pictures of the Sydney Opera House-several of the children commented on how it looks like it has sails on the top of it! The last thing we explored was the Great Barrier Reef. What a beautiful and amazing structure. The children were very interested to learn that the reef is made from tiny animals only about the size of an ant. They also enjoyed looking at pictures of just some of the sea creatures that call the reef home.

In addition to the lessons the children had in small groups, two of our kindergarten students researched and presented to the class information on other animals of Australia. Sabina shared her research about the wombat, another marsupial and Presley shared with us information about the Tasmanian Devil!

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