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Dec 18

A Christmas Carol

The students of the Monarch Room read, studied, and performed A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.  Working with a sixth level leader, students were assigned to perform one of six scenes from the play.  The groups worked together to bring in … Continue reading

Dec 08

Fifth Level Independent Investigations

To go along with fifth level’s science studies this year, their first Independent Investigation dealt with topics related to space.   Some of the topics that students chose to research were Jupiter, Appollo 11, Asteroids, the Sun, Mars, and Comets. … Continue reading

Nov 24

Pilgrim Palooza

The students of the Monarch room celebrated Thanksgiving with their classmates on November 24 with a Pilgrim Palooza.  Students randomly drew a food that would be a food that the first pilgrims  would have eaten.  They then needed to find … Continue reading

Nov 23

Yum! Pumpkin Cookies

The Monday before Thanksgiving the fourth and fifth level tried their hands at cookie baking.  They made pumpkin cookies with the help of two classroom moms. Knowing how to use fractions came in very handy for this activity.  After the … Continue reading

Oct 29

Harvest Celebration

Students had a great time at their Harvest Celebration.  This celebration was planned and carried out by the members of the class.  There was delicious food planned and supplied by the fourth level with the help of a sixth and … Continue reading

Oct 23

Fall Garden

At the end of August we planted another crop of radishes in our raised beds.  They were ready by October 19.  We harvested them and enjoyed eating them.

Oct 16

Microscopic Viewing

Sixth level studied  Eubacteria.  They swabbed different areas of the school and grew their own bacteria. The next step was to make slides of their bacteria.  In order to see the bacteria on the slides, students used a stain and … Continue reading

Oct 13

Sixth Level Camp

                                                                       Leaving for Camp Michigan Country   by Dahlia Daboul and Loretta Alonso Lopez Michigan Country was a class where we were role playing as early settlers in Michigan. We started off by splitting into groups of 3 with some money. … Continue reading

Sep 21

Plant and Fungi Study

The fifth level has begun their study of the plant phyla this week. The first phylum to be studied is Bryophyta.  This phylum includes mosses and liverworts which are  nonvascular plants.  As part of our study we went out on … Continue reading

Sep 18

Literature Circle by Dahlia Daboul

The fourth, fifth, and sixth level students of the Monarch classroom are reading a book called The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane.  We are reading this in literature circles with a sixth level leader.  Each group reads a certain amount … Continue reading

Sep 18

Monarch Garden Work

The Monarch Room planted carrots last spring that were ready to harvest the first week of school.  We enjoyed eating the carrots we had planted and look forward to having strawberries to eat next spring.

Aug 31

New School Year

The Monarch Room along with the Karner Blue classroom celebrated the new school year with the annual Opening Day Ceremony on August 28.  They lit candles symbolizing the start of the new school year.  The theme this year is Lend … Continue reading


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