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Bluebird Room News

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The Bluebirds have been very busy studying the U.S.A. They have learned about the six regions and which states belong  to each region. We also spent time investigating our great state of Ohio! The students chose  a state and completed a mini-research.


Although there weren’t many signs of life outside this March, the Bluebird Room was teaming with living things.  All levels began a zoology unit, which started with a study of the five (now six) kingdoms.  First level is focusing on vertebrates; second level is reviewing vertebrates and comparing characteristics of them; and third level is studying invertebrates, including, sponges, coral and worms.

Food, Glorious Food

As two Bluebird students returned from borrowing a work from the Cardinal Room, they announced to me, “Molly, this work is beautiful.  It is glorious!”  Deb had sent them back with a gold tray laden with snack foods.  This work gave them the opportunity to read nutrition labels and identify which snacks were the healthiest and which were ones to eat in moderation.  The student’s realization that Nerds weren’t the best snack choice was priceless!

Second and third levels analyzed drinks for the amount of sugar.  We used a balance scale to measure out 18 grams of “sugar” to see what the amount of sugar in a Capri Sun looks like.  It was definitely eye opening.  Coconut water might be a better choice, right students?!

First level studied My Healthy Plate, which helped them to see that a balanced meal consists of half fruit and vegetables.  The children sorted the foods into the food groups as well and designed their own healthy meal.

All levels will begin their lessons on anatomy this coming month!

Dates to Remember!!!

  • Lower Elementary Toledo Zoo trip on Friday, April 25 (pack a sack lunch and dress according to the weather!!) Volunteers will meet us no later than 10 am at the main entrance.
  • Lower Elementary Right to Read Week, May 19-23
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