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Apr 21

What are the differences between Montessori and Traditional Teaching?


“The greatness of the human personality begins at the hour of birth.” –Maria Montessori What is the Montessori Method? The Montessori method of education is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play. It was founded on the view that … Continue reading

Apr 14

Gratitude in the Montessori Classroom!


Exercises of Practical Life are one of the five areas of the Montessori prepared environment. These exercises resemble simple work in life and in the home, such as housekeeping, to include dusting, sweeping, and washing dishes. The purpose of these … Continue reading

Apr 07

Empathy and Friendship in the Montessori Environment!


Recent studies show that today’s college students lack empathy. Empathy, or the ability to imagine yourself in someone else’s shoes, to share in their feelings, to feel for them or with them, and to see and value what another person … Continue reading

Mar 30

Spotlight Post: Andrew Sautter


Andrew is passionate about Montessori and loves how Montessori allows children to learn in a way that does not feel intimidating. Not just academics, but life skills as well.  Check out his spotlight post to learn more. Q: Can you tell … Continue reading

Mar 24

The Montessori Classroom vs. the Conventional Classroom.


When many people picture an early childhood education classroom, they imagine brightly colored and variously themed displays in every available space in the room. These pin-worthy decorations are meant to capture the attention of kids in the classroom and hopefully … Continue reading

Mar 17

How to Make a Vegetable Garden for Kids!


by Ann Sanders Children love dirt! Gardening is a perfect excuse to get dirty! Gardening is also a major component of Practical Life that children learn to master in a Montessori environment. In addition to presenting amazing health benefits, gardening allows … Continue reading

Mar 10

Never Help A Child!


Maria Montessori wrote, “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” Oh, yes, of course! This is easy! But note, this is different from, “Never help a child with a task at which he … Continue reading

Mar 03

Real vs. Imaginary Play for Young Children!


“[The young child] cannot distinguish well between the real and the imaginary, between things that are possible and things that are merely ‘made up’.” —Maria Montessori, Times Education Supplement, 1919 The young child believes what he sees, hears, and experiences. The … Continue reading

Feb 24

How to Set Boundaries!


How to Set Boundaries! When your baby cries and you rush to the rescue, your unconditional love creates a deep bond. But all too soon that sweet baby starts testing the limits. Establishing firm, clear boundaries at every developmental stage … Continue reading

Feb 17



SELF-DISCIPLINE IN MONTESSORI We follow through. It’s one of the ways we support children. We don’t simply say something once. We demonstrate, observe, model, assist and remind. Everything is neutral to a child. There is no “right” way to sit on … Continue reading

Feb 10

The Building Blocks of Critical Thinking!


The Building Blocks of Critical Thinking! Every educational reform movement in America has new buzz words. Critical thinking skills developed through “learning experiences” are the current rage. But wait. Infants begin to sort and categorize information from the moment they … Continue reading

Feb 03

Spotlight Post: Melissa Snyder


Melissa Snyder has been teaching at West Side Montessori for 13 years. She is an American Montessori Society team member and is currently a member of the ELF program (The American Montessori Society’s Emerging Leaders Fellowship Program). Melissa is passionate … Continue reading

Jan 11

Open House: January 28


Visiting during an open house is a great way to learn about West Side Montessori! You and your family will have the opportunity to see our classrooms as well as speak with teachers, current families, current students, and graduates. Come … Continue reading

Jan 06



THE MONTESSORI MAFIA! By Peter Sims It may seem like a laughable “only in New York” story that Manhattan mother, Nicole Imprescia, is suing her 4-year-old daughter’s untraditional private preschool for failing to prepare her for a private school admissions … Continue reading

Dec 16

Developing a World View!


Developing a World View! We read about it everywhere.  Everything’s connected.  We live in a global society, an interdependent world where actions and re-actions in distant lands have an effect on our daily lives.  We know we need to prepare … Continue reading

Dec 09

Top 5 Gifts For Your Montessori Child!


Gifts are an expression of love. We give gifts and are giddy with anticipation as the receiver is opening it. We are given gifts and feel deeply known and deeply loved. Babies and Children, especially, are given gifts. Not just … Continue reading

Dec 02

How to Nurture a Peaceful Child!


Picture a peaceful nine-year-old child, kind and giving, passionate and joyful, and mostly in control of his or her emotions. Is this some alien species? Or is it possible to nurture peaceful children in our highly competitive, cynical and polarized … Continue reading

Nov 25

The Gift of Time!


Child development is not a competition. It is a gradual unfolding of the human potential. Just as each child’s timetable for physical growth is unique, so is the timetable for emotional, social, and academic growth. Today, artificial measurements of success … Continue reading

Nov 18

Spotlight Post: Dawn Ballard


Dawn Ballard has been working at West Side Montessori for 23 years.  Dawn is passionate about Montessori, childhood, and learning. Check out her spotlight post to find out what fuels her passion for Montessori education! Can you tell us a … Continue reading

Nov 11

What’s More Powerful than “Good Job”?


by June George Pretend you’re sitting in the corner of a classroom of 30 children, ages 3-6. Everyone is working contentedly at their own tables. There is a buzz in the air, but not one of chaos. Instead, it’s the … Continue reading

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