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Apr 22

How to Create Habits of Helpfulness!


Picture this. You arrive home after a big weekly shopping trip loaded with groceries and household supplies and your children say: “I want to help.” If this already happens in your household then you are building habits of helpfulness and … Continue reading

Apr 18

West Side Montessori is Growing!


We are excited about the progression of our new space.  West Side Montessori is adding a gymnasium/community space, enhanced art & music studios, and additional classroom space.  Part of the project includes tornado safe room to keep our students and … Continue reading

Apr 15

Five Ways to Welcome Spring!


Depending on where you live, the change of seasons might feel like it’s been coming for quite some time, or it might still feel very much like Winter, but the calendar says Spring is here. We thought of a few … Continue reading

Apr 01

How Your Child Grows With Montessori


How do you nurture a child to become his or her best self? Lovingly, tenderly, slowly just like in nature. The transformation from baby to adult human being takes a full 24 years from birth to maturity. West Side Montessori … Continue reading

Mar 27

Montessori Morning Open House


Join us April 29 for a special visit of our Montessori classrooms and our natural playground.

Mar 25

The Power of Books!


It all starts as a story to soothe the little one before bed or a way to encourage vocabulary as chubby fingers scan through a board book. “Time to sleep little mouse, little mouse, darkness is falling all over the … Continue reading

Mar 18

What is Phonological Awareness?

Most people believe that reading starts at the visual level at around age five or six, but really the underlying skills for reading start from birth.  Spoken language does not have to be taught, as it happens at a preconscious … Continue reading

Mar 11

Skills That Help Your Child Master Handwriting!


Children today often struggle with handwriting and many schools have scaled back handwriting instruction, choosing instead to focus on reading and mathematics skills.  But don’t they have it backwards?  Research shows that sequential finger movements activate massive regions of the … Continue reading

Mar 04

Small Children- Big Words!


Did you ever hear a 2-year-old swear?  The first time a shocked parent hears inappropriate words out of the mouths of babes, with the exact tone and inflection used by adults, it’s a revelation. It shouldn’t be.  Children from birth … Continue reading

Feb 25

How To Create A Child-Friendly Home


Here are easy steps to implement ideas and the thoughts behind them. First, get rid of the clutter and disorganization. Get rid of the toy box. Small children are overwhelmed with too much “stuff” and can’t possibly be expected to … Continue reading

Feb 24

Muffins with Moms & Special Friends

We are lucky to have you! Join us Friday, March 17 @ 7:45 in the Commons. K-Grade 8      

Feb 18

The Top 5 Questions Montessori Parents Are Asking!

You have questions and we have answers! Parents often ask questions regarding their children and the work they do while in the classroom. The Montessori classroom offers a prepared environment that helps children learn and grow. Some parents have asked … Continue reading

Feb 11

Who Will Lead The Way?


WHO WILL LEAD THE WAY? Current perception is that the world is a whole lot scarier for today’s children than it was for their parents growing up.  As a consequence, many parents hover, over-protect, and deny their children the opportunity … Continue reading

Feb 04

Why all children need to explore


All young children need to explore. Why? The depth and breadth of their experiences shape their motivation to learn. At West Side Montessori, children as young as 13 months explore a highly enriched environment prepared especially for them. Our professional … Continue reading

Feb 02

Open House – February 26

Spread the word, West Side is growing! We are hosting an Open House for grades 1 – 8. Please share this event with your friend! Coming Fall 2017: A New gymnasium Additional classroom spaces Enlarged art & music studios A … Continue reading

Feb 02

Montessori University – February 16th at 6 pm

Parents are invited to attend an evening of learning with our Montessori-certified teachers. We encourage you to join other West Side parents to explore Montessori in your child’s classroom and beyond. Sessions will be held at both the Toledo and … Continue reading

Jan 21

Montessori Math: Calculated for Success


Dr. Maria Montessori once said, “It is certain that mathematics organizes the abstract path of the mind, so we must offer it at an early age, in a clear and very accessible manner, as a stimulus to the child whose … Continue reading

Jan 07

Math … Montessori way!


When parents observe my Lower Elementary classroom, I often hear the same idea expressed. “I wish I had learned math this way! Maybe I would like math more.” While I personally loved math, I often questioned why or how or … Continue reading

Dec 31

Why Our Society Needs Montessori Education


Maria Montessori after World War II said, “Establishing lasting peace is the work of education; all politics can do is keep us out of war.” One has to only turn on the news or open a newspaper to hear stories … Continue reading

Dec 17

The Spirit of Giving


Cultivating the spirit of giving in children at an early age is important because it fosters a sense of belonging and self-worth. Very young children want to help. Encouraging them in simple acts of kindness such as bringing mommy a … Continue reading

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