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Nov 18

Spotlight Post: Dawn Ballard


Dawn Ballard has been working at West Side Montessori for 23 years.  Dawn is passionate about Montessori, childhood, and learning. Check out her spotlight post to find out what fuels her passion for Montessori education! Can you tell us a … Continue reading

Nov 11

What’s More Powerful than “Good Job”?


by June George Pretend you’re sitting in the corner of a classroom of 30 children, ages 3-6. Everyone is working contentedly at their own tables. There is a buzz in the air, but not one of chaos. Instead, it’s the … Continue reading

Nov 04

How to Nurture Your Child’s Problem Solving Skills!


National news has focused on educating children for the jobs of the future with a strong emphasis on STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math). Developing habits of mind that will give children the curiosity, confidence, and skills to pursue careers … Continue reading

Oct 27

Spotlight: Cindy Weiher


Cindy Weiher has been working at West Side Montessori for 35 years and has no intentions of retiring anytime soon! Check out her spotlight post to find out what fuels her passion for Montessori education! Can you tell us a … Continue reading

Oct 21

How To Stimulate Your Toddlers Brain Development!


Adults often talk about getting organized. We think in terms of time and space. Appointments that need to be scheduled. The mudroom piled with out-of-season clothes and boots. Chores that need to be done. Babies and tiny children are consumed … Continue reading

Oct 14

Why You Should Trust Your Child With Fragile Materials!


by Angie Heck Children plus glass seems like a recipe for disaster. If we can mitigate the danger to our children by limiting their access to it, why wouldn’t we? On the other hand, when we don’t allow children to … Continue reading

Oct 07

Is Your Home Childproof or Child-Friendly?


A childproofed house is full of locked doors, gated rooms, plastic, and “no” statements. A child-friendly home is full of teachable moments, opportunities for learning value and trust, and experiences of art and beauty. Children are much more competent than … Continue reading

Sep 30

Spotlight: Amy Lawrence


Amy Lawrence is passionate about Montessori!  It’s clear from her words that she has found joy, passion, and a true calling in her work. Here is her story. Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Your background, your interests, … Continue reading

Sep 23

Why Montessori – Our Top Six Reasons!


Thank you, Maria: Montessori is based on the teachings of Dr. Maria Montessori, a medical doctor, teacher, philosopher, and anthropologist who noticed a link between the children she would see in her practice and their educational experiences. Maria set out … Continue reading

Sep 16

How to Understand Toddlers!

More than 100 years ago Dr. Maria Montessori described “the absorbent mind” of children during their first three years of life as the most critical period in each child’s brain development. Recent research reveals that babies have an innate moral … Continue reading

Sep 09

When NOT to Help Your Child!


When NOT to Help Your Child Your child is capable of doing so many things for himself. Of course, as a parent, you want to help your child when he is struggling or frustrated. But for your child’s development, confidence, … Continue reading

Sep 02

How to Avoid the Assessment Trap!


Young children are excited to pick out a new backpack or pair of shoes in anticipation of the new school-year.  They are full of hope – that their teachers will be nice, that they will have lots of friends, that … Continue reading

Aug 19

How to Help Allay First Day Jitters!


By Bettina Tioseco With September fast approaching, many families are getting ready to send their children to school for the first time. Along with the pride and excitement parents feel during the lead up to this milestone, many are concerned … Continue reading

Aug 12

That Summer Slide!


THAT SUMMER SLIDE! By Charlotte Wood There’s a concept we notice in education, often children “lose” information over the Summer, when they might not be working academically or focusing on acquiring new skills or data. This is the nature of our … Continue reading

Aug 05

Developing Routines!


Developing Routines – Getting Enough Sleep If what the experts say is true, none of us are getting enough sleep. This is especially problematic for preschoolers who need eleven hours of sleep daily. Relaxed summer schedules, vacations, and extended outdoor … Continue reading

Jul 29

A Child-Sized World!


A Child-Sized World! By June George Shopping for a child’s space can be an exercise in patience. Tiny glass cups? Hmm, maybe this shot glass. An apron small enough for a toddler? Might have to dig out the sewing machine. Whether … Continue reading

Jul 22

Five Tips for Establishing Rhythms and Routines


By Barbara Danza, Epoch Times While keeping life light and breezy all summer long is a perfectly wonderful strategy, adding in just enough structure for your family during the season can make the entire experience more rewarding and far less stressful. Here … Continue reading

Jul 01

Montessori Lifestyle Tips!


by Holly Daniel I first started hearing about Montessori when my friends began having babies. One enrolled her daughter in a Montessori preschool because she had trouble concentrating in a normal preschool environment. My other friend actually taught at a … Continue reading

Jun 10

What Is Montessori Grit?


Children are natural explorers who absorb each experience as they shape their personalities. They thrive in a carefully prepared environment designed by expert West Side Montessori teachers who offer the perfect range and balance of opportunities for their rapidly growing … Continue reading

Jun 03

3 Ways To Raise Independent Children!


By Richard Rende, Ph.D If you are a devotee of the Montessori method, you know from first hand experience that the goal is to raise independent children, who find and follow their own passions in a directed way. Such a … Continue reading

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