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Dec 08

Montessori Minute – Montessori Mixed-Age Classrooms

Montessori gives every child the gift of time — time to develop at their own pace as well as an opportunity to teach, help, and build relationships with their peers.

Dec 01

Spotlight Post: Cory Hall

Cory Hall has been teaching at West Side Montessori for 14 years and was awarded 2017 Teacher of the Year by Toledo Area Parent Magazine. Cory is passionate about Montessori education and loves how children at West Side Montessori become self-motivated … Continue reading

Nov 17

The Montessori Prepared Classroom!

The Montessori classrooms are designed to be beautiful and intentionally refrain from using elaborate decorations that can distract a child’s attention. The shelves within the thoughtfully prepared classroom are filled with all of the carefully organized activities that children call … Continue reading

Nov 10

Guiding the Gratitude Mindset!

  Gratitude is a powerful mindset of abundance that unlocks the fullness of life. It acts as a lens through which to view the world – not by what we don’t have – but what we already do. In a … Continue reading

Nov 05

Developing Compassionate Leaders!

  Young children absorb every aspect of the world around them, including parents’ attitudes and empathy toward others. A safe and loving home helps to develop a child’s positive world view. Basic emotional security sets the stage for children to … Continue reading

Oct 27

The Normalized Classroom!

The beginning of the school year can be compared to giant waves crashing into the seashore.  A third of the class is new to the classroom. There may be a few children who cry as they learn to separate from … Continue reading

Oct 20

Crossing the Midline in Montessori

As your child develops, her brain is rapidly forming. Children require lots of sleep to process the immense amount of information the brain has absorbed. The midline is an invisible line that begins between the two hemispheres of the brain. … Continue reading

Oct 13

Observation is learning!

For the child, observation is vital to learning everything. We think of learning as happening when a child begins school, or as something that is the result of direct instruction and explanation. Learning instead happens constantly. Observation is learning, and … Continue reading

Oct 06

Montessori Minute- The Outdoor Learning Environment!

Children walking on a log

Children learn through play. As such, the importance of the role of play in the life of a child is paramount. Even more so is the integral role that outdoor play in a natural environment plays in the life of … Continue reading

Sep 29

The 8 Senses We Use to Teach a Montessori Child!

The signature of the Montessori method is teaching the child through all of the senses. You won’t find much worksheet or flashcard time in one of our classrooms–they just don’t stimulate the kind of learning we know works best. Instead, … Continue reading

Sep 22

Peace in the Montessori Classroom!

“Averting war is the work of politicians; establishing peace is the work of education.” Maria Montessori Montessori recognized children as the redeeming factor in the evolution of humankind. In order to bring about a world of peace and tolerance, where war … Continue reading

Sep 14

Montessori 101 with Lynn Fisher

Montessori 101

What is The Secret of Childhood that Montessori teachers know? Lynn Fisher will unravel the mystery of Montessori theory and practice. Parents will understand why we say “Better Method. Amazing Outcomes.”

Sep 14

The Music and Literacy Program at West Side Montessori!

The Music/Literacy Program for the Children’s House students is unique to West Side Montessori. It is an integrated curriculum that incorporates music, movement, and literacy. The program enriches all Children’s House students (aged 3-6 years old) with multidisciplinary literacy instruction … Continue reading

Sep 10

Montessori Minute – Handwashing in the Montessori Classroom

What is one of the first practical life skills children love to learn? Check out our latest video to learn more. See more Montessori Minute videos on our YouTube channel:

Sep 09

The Role of Pets in the Montessori Classroom!

At West Side Montessori, there are plenty of living, breathing creatures who spend their time in the classrooms and they aren’t only the children! We are talking about the importance of our furry, scaly, shelled, and feathered friends. In every … Continue reading

Sep 01

Empathy in the Montessori Classroom!

Montessori classrooms are rich with opportunities to model grace and courtesy, compassion and empathy. Allowing children to care for their environment, for themselves and for others provides ample time for these lessons. Young children are naturally egocentric. Montessori teachers understand … Continue reading

Aug 25

Spotlight Post: Tricia Miller-Purvis

Tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Tricia Purvis. I have four children: Christiana (25), Melena (19), Kenton (16) and Kerim (9). My husband and I also have two Newfoundlands and three cats, all rescues. I have … Continue reading

Aug 18

How to Raise Confident Communicators!

Babies communicate from the moment they are born. Parents who quickly develop new listening and observation skills are better able to respond appropriately.  Is the baby hungry, in need of a diaper change, overtired, fearful?  Once mutual understanding is established … Continue reading

Aug 11

Spotlight Post: Amy Wagner

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your background, your interests, your dreams? The moment I stepped into a Montessori classroom my life took a pivotal turn.  I remember playing school a lot when I was younger, … Continue reading

Aug 04

Spotlight Post: Stephanie Sullivan

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your background, your interests, your dreams? My name is Stephanie Sullivan.  I have 2 children, Matthew 24 & Monica 21, husband Tom and a whoodle dog named Duffy.  I have … Continue reading

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