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Feb 12

The Importance of Outdoor Play in Winter!

The Importance of Outdoor Play in Winter With the chill of winter settling in, it is timely to discuss the importance of outdoor play. During the cooler months, it is common for children to be restricted to indoor play at … Continue reading

Feb 01

Staff Spotlight: Morgan Aviña

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your background, your interests, your dreams.   I have three children that are here at West Side, and my husband and I absolutely love being able to provide them with … Continue reading

Jan 11

Adolescent Montessori Education!

Adolescent Montessori Education! Maria Montessori divided an individual’s development into four planes of development, each with different characteristics and needs. Adolescents between the age 12 and 18 belong to the third plane of development, and the primary goal for educators … Continue reading

Dec 16

Peace Education in Montessori!

Our world is often a tumultuous and scary place.  How can we help our children feel safe and cared for, while preparing them to lead the way as adults?  How can we cultivate empathy, kindness, gratitude, and the sense of … Continue reading

Dec 07

Sharing vs. Surrendering: Why We Don’t Force Kids to Share!

Waiting patiently is an important life skill! Montessori classrooms purposely have just one of most materials so that children learn to wait.   

Dec 04

Montessori Elementary Curriculum: The Five Great Lessons

The Five Great Lessons The Great Lessons are an important and unique part of the Montessori curriculum. These lessons are bold, exciting, and are designed to awaken a child’s imagination and curiosity. The child should be struck with the wonder … Continue reading

Nov 23

Staff Spotlight: Cathy Roether- Dick

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your background, your interests, your dreams? I am truly blessed to have been married to my high school sweetheart, Matt, for 31 years.  We are the parents of our two … Continue reading

Nov 20

Montessori Metamorphosis

With a proven method, two campuses, and over 37 acres of land, West Side Montessori offers an exceptional educational experience unlike any other in Northwest Ohio. In Montessori education, the prepared environment is the key to allowing students to learn … Continue reading

Nov 19

Teaching Gratitude

While the approaching holiday season is full of hustle and bustle, it is also a perfect time to step back and reflect on the many people that contribute to making our lives happier, better, and easier. Showing gratitude is an … Continue reading

Nov 12

What are the Color Tablets?

Color your world! The Montessori Color Tablets introduce color through matching activities. The Color Tablets are an introduction to the world of color. A child gets the chance to match 2 tablets of the same color to each other, building … Continue reading

Nov 09

Staff Spotlight Post: Molly Bernhardt

Q: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? Your background, your interests, your dreams?  I’m the youngest of 4 children, born and raised in Toledo. I am a mom of 4 children, born in 3 different cities and … Continue reading

Nov 01

Freedom within Limits!

Montessori- Freedom within limits There are a number of common misconceptions about Montessori education. One is that Montessori education is too structured and controlled. Another is that children are allowed to do whatever they want. Instead, Montessori education embodies an important concept … … Continue reading

Oct 26

7 Ways to Encourage Independence!

You probably know that encouraging independence is a hallmark of Montessori education and parenting.  The best way to teach our children to do things for themselves is to create supportive structures in which they can gradually depend on us less … Continue reading

Oct 21

Montessori on the Move

From fine to gross motor skills, a Montessori class is full of movement. Think of how manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination are practiced with the dressing frame.   Or how Walking on the Line accentuates body awareness and balance. Or … Continue reading

Oct 19

Montessori Sensitive Periods of Child Development!

  “A child learns to adjust himself and make acquisitions in his sensitive periods. These are like a beam that lights interiorly or a battery that furnishes energy. It is this sensibility which enables a child to come in contact … Continue reading

Oct 16

What is the Botany Cabinet?

The Botany Cabinet, sometimes referred to as the Leaf Cabinet in the Montessori classroom, is a child’s introduction to the world of botany, and also great practice for visual discrimination of forms. Physically, the wooden cabinet consists of three drawers … Continue reading

Oct 12

Care of the Earth & Outdoor Environment

‘Care of environment’ exercises foster love for the environment, help children connect and engage with nature, and encourage the child to interact with the environment, exhibiting respect and love.  Such exercises also help the child form a connection with their … Continue reading

Oct 04

Intrinsic Motivation in a Montessori Classroom!

Intrinsic motivation is the heart of a Montessori classroom. Children are born with innate curiosity and the desire to learn. At West Side Montessori, we respect and nurture a child’s natural curiosity.   

Oct 01

Why Observe Your Child’s Classroom?

Observing your child during a typical day in his/her classroom is a valuable tool to see your child’s learning process in action and for understanding the unique qualities of the Montessori Method.  We believe that, “Education is a natural process … Continue reading

Oct 01

Setting limits, Montessori-style

Setting Limits

When my son was a toddler he hated leaving places. So I would begin to dread when it was time to go home. I’d be thinking, “how am I going to get him to leave soon?” No matter how long … Continue reading

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