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Celebrating our Earth!

Posted on by Goldfinch

At West Side Montessori students learn at an early age the importance of our earth.  They learn about the Earth’s uniqueness and how we must respect it.  Earth Day is every day at school.  We recycle paper, plastic and cans.  The official Earth Day is just a reminder of how important taking care of our earth is.  We did do several activities this week to help all of us become earth keepers.

  • Level 3 students learned about landfills.  They discussed ways to reduce trash in landfills.  They gave a mini lesson to the other students using our trash pizza to symbolize the types of trash in our landfills.
  • Level 2 started a decomposition experiment.  They planted a Styrofoam piece, a piece of paper, and some lettuce and carrots in jars of soil.  Students graphed which item they thought would decompose first.  The overwhelming majority said the food would win.
  • Level 1 students read stories on our precious earth.  They started planting seeds for our raised garden beds.
  • All students listened to the Earth tip of the day!  Reduce paper and water usage!  Use reusable grocery bags.  Recycle whenever possible and stamp out Styrofoam use.
  • Many students joined Natalie on our annual Earth Day clean up.  We walked the trails and collected lots of trash.
  • Students were encouraged to participate in Zero Waste Trash Day.
  • May 19-23 the third grade Spirit Committee will run a Clothes Collection Clean-up.  During that week old clothes and fabrics will be collected and sent to the Salvation Army or recycled into construction materials.
  • To be announced soon, the Goldfinch White Elephant Garage Sale.  Students can bring in 2-3 old toys, games, or books and purchase other items using pretend money.

IMG_1631 IMG_1654

Level 2 Decomposition Graph        Level 3 Trash Pizza


Level 1 Planting

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