Decked Out For The Derby!

Posted on by Roberta Handel

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Fisher_picWe’re out of the starting gate and heading into the first turn as we settle into our sparkling new facilities on the Toledo Campus. The children, teachers, and administrative team are beginning to implement possibilities open to us in our beautiful purpose-built facilities on our own 37-acre campus.

One of the most successful design elements of the new school is the observation windows into each classroom.  Parents feel comfortable “hanging out” in the hallways as long as they like without disturbing classroom routines.  What a lovely way for parents to develop an understanding of how and why Montessori education is so powerful!

One ambitious and highly anticipated aspect of the Toledo Campus development is the natural playground designed for The Little House and Children’s House children that will cover the 30,000 square foot fenced area. The master plan includes gardens, playing fields, climbing hills, sand and water features, embankment slides, and “caves”for climbing, running, jumping, balancing, and more. This past fall as a first step we installed outdoor grass-pave patios outlined by large boulders that surround the classroom porches. The porches and patios were used extensively throughout the fall. This spring and summer we plan to start building the hills and climbing/sliding features imbedded in them.  This phase of the natural playground development will cost approximately $50,000. Designated funds from the Coming Together Campaign and Annual Enhancement Fund as well as on-going fundraising will be used to implement the full playground design over the next few years.

Lower elementary students currently play in the space between the East and West buildings where the Phase 3 development (gymnasium/convocation, arts, kitchen, classroom) will be located. They also use the upper elementary and middle school playgrounds that include swings, play structures, an outdoor basketball court, and soccer field. Additional outdoor enhancements for lower elementary students are also being developed.

At the same time, the school has an opportunity to purchase an additional 1.3 acres of land adjacent to our Perrysburg Campus that can be used for development of a natural playground and/or eventual expansion to the school.  Perrysburg parents are excited about the prospect and have begun to make contributions for the land purchase.

This year’s auction event will support development of the Toledo Campus natural playgrounds as well as the Perrysburg land purchase.  Last year’s auction raised $45,000 that was used toward phase one of the natural playground and Perrysburg program enhancements.

I urge you to join me for an evening of great food and great fun in a spectacular venue while we focus our collective energy on raising money to make West Side Montessori the best it can be. I’m betting you’ll have a fabulous time.

Let’s all Get Decked Out For The Derby!

Lynn Fisher

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West Side Montessori is an independent, accredited Montessori school educating children 13 months through 8th grade (preschool, kindergarten, elementary and middle school) with locations at 13587 Roachton Rd in Perrysburg, Ohio, and 7115 W. Bancroft Street in Toledo, Ohio.