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Dental Health and Montessori Education Week

Posted on by Poplar

The past two weeks we’ve been learning about dental health.  We talked about what types of teeth are in our mouths, how we should take care of them, and what could happen if we don’t.  We did a fun experiment using eggs and different liquids.  The eggs represented our teeth.  We put four  eggs into water, milk, juice, and pop overnight to simulate what it would be like if we didn’t brush our teeth.  It was a great way to visually show the children what unhealthy things can do to your teeth.  The kindergartners got to graph how many teeth they lost.

photo 1

We also had a great time at the school sing-a-long and being buddies with the Monarch “big kids.”  They read to us on Tuesday and came to the Poplar room to work with us on Friday.  We aren’t sure which children had more fun.(above)  A second year student is gazing at a picture of Maria Montessori. (below)

photo 2

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