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Dental Health Month

Posted on by Maple

February is Dental Health month. It is a time to raise awareness about the importance of good dental care and oral health. We focus on this topic in February, but it is important to think about each and every day. A dental hygienist from Sylvania Pediatric Dental Care came to visit our kindergarteners. She discussed foods that were healthy or unhealthy for our teeth and had the children help decide which category they belonged. Even though some foods taste really good, they may not be good for our teeth if consumed in large amounts, such as cookies, candy, and some sticky foods (such as peanut butter). The dental hygienist was impressed that she was not able to stump the children as she gave examples of many foods to sort. She also demonstrated the proper way to brush and floss in a fun way using a stuffed animal. She emphasized that parents should be helping their children with this process while they are young to develop proper habits. Each child had a turn to practice with one of her stuffed animals. Brushing 2-3 times a day is optimal as well as two dental check-ups a year. The children enjoyed a short video on ways to keep their teeth healthy and received a toothbrush and packet of information to bring home.


Sorting healthy and unhealthy foods



Attentive listeners


Good brushing techniques


Great questions for the hygienist!


Practicing the appropriate length to brush


Working together


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