Developing a World View!

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Developing a World View!

We read about it everywhere.  Everything’s connected.  We live in a global society, an interdependent world where actions and re-actions in distant lands have an effect on our daily lives.  We know we need to prepare our children for the future, but how?

Each infant begins to develop a world view at birth.  Am I safe? Well-fed? Healthy? Loved?  A tiny child’s world is completely self-centered.  However, within a remarkably short time young children begin to explore and expand their universe.  As they do so they absorb the sights, sounds, smells, touch, and culture of their families and others around them. Experiences shape their developing views and values.


(Beautiful presentation on the Philippines in the Sapphire Room.)

Ideally, young children should be exposed to other cultures and languages at a very early age.  Many American families speak several languages at home or have grandparents and relatives visit who are non-English speakers.  How fortunate those children are!  While some may initially take longer to learn our language, they ultimately have a broad understanding and appreciation of the rich diversity in the world.

Find ways to expose your young child to other cultures, languages, and ideas. Take them to an Asian, Middle Eastern, or Indian grocery store or restaurant.  Seek out neighbors and friends who speak Greek or Farsi or Portuguese.  Ask a baba to tell your child stories about growing up in the old country.


(Learning about Hanukkah)

By the time a child is 5 or 6 years old the idea of a vast and exciting world and universe beyond to be explored can be firmly established and should be the basis for feeding their insatiable curiosity and quest for knowledge and understanding.

Give your young child the gift of exposure to other languages and cultures from a young age and you will set them on the path to greater understanding, less fear of the unknown, and an openness to the future.  You will give them a world view worthy of the future they will inherit.

Lynn Fisher,

Head of School

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