Developing Routines!

Posted on by Helena Eddings

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Developing Routines – Getting Enough Sleep

If what the experts say is true, none of us are getting enough sleep. This is especially problematic for preschoolers who need eleven hours of sleep daily. Relaxed summer schedules, vacations, and extended outdoor play with daylight savings time makes it difficult for children to fall asleep early. “Sleeping in” is often the antidote and switching gears abruptly to get up early is difficult as children start school.


Children thrive on consistency and established routines. Working backwards from the time a child needs to get up in the morning, dress him or herself, eat a healthy breakfast, and gather belongings for the day before heading out the door, establish the time your young child needs to be in bed nightly to get the recommended eleven hours. For many children that time is 8:00 pm.

Try room darkening shades or curtains to set the stage. And start your bedtime routine earlier to calm your children and prepare them for sleep. Take a bath, brush teeth, read a story? Create a consistent routine that fits your family.

Often parents think the more enrichment and learning opportunities their children experience the more success they will have in school. However, allowing children enough sleep to hard wire their learning experiences to the brain is equally important. The peak learning time for young children is said to be about one and a half hours after sunrise. Make sure your young child is well-rested and ready for learning early in the day by getting them to bed on a regular schedule.

Lynn Fisher,

Head of School

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