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Europe Study

Posted on by Poplar

Europe was introduced and work was placed on the geography shelf.  We found Europe on our Continent Globe and again on our Continent Map.  Europe is depicted as the “red” continent.  We discovered different animals in Europe - some being the chamois, European deer, European squirrel, and red fox.  We also discussed some of the food that originated in Europe like pizza, spaghetti, etc.  We read a wonderful book about Europe which included many facts.  The facts that stuck out to the children were;

  • Europe is a small continent but it has many countries.
  • Each country has its own language, food, and customs.  (For example, in Germany, people speak German and in Italy, people speak Italian.)
  • The world’s tallest bridge is in Europe and is named Millau Viaduct.  It stretches across a valley in France.

Some work from famous European artists, Paul Klee and Piet Mondrian, were placed on the art shelf for the children to color.

A child colors in "Compositions of red, Yellow, and Blue" by Piet Mondrian.

A child colors in “Compositions of Red, Yellow, and Blue” by Piet Mondrian.

Another child copies "The Clown" by Switzerland artist, Paul Klee

Another child copies “The Clown” by Switzerland artist, Paul Klee

We also Introduced a new food preparation work, using toast and lingonberry jam.  Lingonberries are a staple in Sweden and Finland.  The berries are used in many dishes in these two countries.  If you were to eat a lingonberry off of a shrub, it would taste tart and bitter.  A child below enjoys a piece of toast with lingonberry jam.



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