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This past week we have shifted our focus in geography. Singing the continent song, we reviewed the name of each of the seven continents and discovered the name of the red continent-Europe. This will be our focus for the next few weeks.  We found Europe on the globe and our continent map.  The children came up with some interesting suggestions on how to travel there-boat, submarine, an airplane, a hot air balloon, even holding onto the fin of a dolphin!

For our quiet walk, we used a picture of Maria Montessori.  The children were very interested to learn a little about the amazing woman and why she is important to our school.  The children leaned that Maria Montessori was born in Italy.  We found it on our map of Europe and talked about it’s shape.

Recently, the land forms were added to the shelves. The children have really enjoyed exploring with the various formations and watching the water as it fills in around the land to create a peninsula, gulf, lake or island.




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