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Every Body is Busy!

Posted on by Bluebird

All three levels have begun anatomy lessons.  First level is learning the function of internal organs and have assembled their own bodies.  How many bones in the human body?  Ask your 2nd level student who is reviewing internal organs and studying the skeleton.  Third level is studying the body systems including the digestive system, the circulatory system, and the respiratory system.  Ask them how their short term memory is!


1st level internal organs


2nd level skeleton work

Zoology continues with all students.  A recent trip to the pond out back brought us up close and personal with water bugs, ducks, tadpoles, and humongous bullfrogs.  We are examining tadpoles in the classroom closely and waiting anxiously for their legs to appear! As 2nd level explored the pond, forest, and wetlands on campus, they looked for consumers and producers that are a part of the food webs in each habitat.

20140515_142005Finally, 3rd level has had many examples of arthropods to study outside.  In a recent outdoor lesson, 3rd level found and sketched several arthropods.  What excitement it was when Jack C. found a wriggling cocoon of some sort!  Each third level chose an arthropod from the three main classes to research and create with paper mache.  Spring time on this campus is amazing for life science lessons!

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