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February Findings

Posted on by Bluebird

February was jam packed with culture and excitement!  The Asia unit continued with Japan with Beth Gensler and an afternoon of India and Thailand with Smita Patel and Kate Sirich.  Both activities were a way to enhance our study on the needs of humans.  Food, clothing, and communication examples were shared with the children.

Beth brought in a bamboo mat, nori, rice and vegetables and the children rolled their own sushi and tasted it.  The reviews were mixed!  Some of them loved it and others…not so much.

Kate and Smita joined together to present South Eastern Asia.  Kate prepared tradition Thai dishes for the children to see and displayed them on handpainted china from Thailand.  Charlie did a marvelous presentation on the ingredients and foods common to Thailand.  Kate had labeled the foods with the english and thai words so the children could compare languages.  Gorgeous!

Smita and Daivik’s aunt brought in an Indian wardrobe fit for royalty.  The room was filled with bright colored silks as the boys and girls tried on the traditional Indian clothing.  Once dressed the children enjoyed fresh, hot naan and mango lassis prepared in the room.  And what would beautiful Indian clothing be without dancing?  A website with step by step instructions on learning Bollywood, an indian dance form, provided music and instructions for those gathered around the screen.

After all that culture, we took a day to celebrate math.  The “hundredth day of school” was celebrated with counting, estimating, writing, and eating.

As if that weren’t enough, Valentine’s Day snuck in there.  Candy heart weighing, graphing and sorting provided some sugary math.  After sharing Valentine’s, the children made sweet “sushi” and played Valentine Bingo.

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