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Fire Safety

Posted on by Maple

Fire Safety is an important topic anytime of the year. The kindergarteners knew a lot of fire safety tips already, however, a visit from a Springfield Firefighter only enhanced their knowledge. Everyone was attentive and wanted to participate in the discussion with Firefighter Dave. He asked what the children knew about fire safety,and tips such as never playing with matches and calling 9-1-1 only in an emergency were the first shared. Next, we talked about where the children’s special meeting place with their family is in case of a fire. Answers included going to a next door neighbor’s house and meeting at the big tree two houses down. It was emphasized that once you are out of the house, you should stay out of the house. Do not go back in for anything. Toys can be replaced, but people cannot. Firefighter Dave also told us a new component was added in case your clothes ever caught on fire and you are trying to put it out. The old technique was to stop, drop, and roll. The new component added is to cover your face. The newest technique is to stop,drop, roll, and cover your face. Finally, Firefighter Dave put on all his gear to show us and told us why each piece of clothing and equipment is important to keep him safe while fighting fires. He told the kids not to be afraid of firefighters or hide from them. They are only there to help. To conclude his presentation, the children were able to ask any questions they had about fire safety.


Firefighter Dave from the Springfield Fire Department visits.


We discuss fire safety tips.


Firefighter Dave tells us not to be afraid of the sound from his oxygen tank.


All geared up !

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