Five Ways to Welcome Spring!

Posted on by Helena Eddings

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Depending on where you live, the change of seasons might feel like it’s been coming for quite some time, or it might still feel very much like Winter, but the calendar says Spring is here. We thought of a few ways to welcome this change of season, a favorite for so many after the dreary cold of Winter.


  1. What’s that lovely smell?? Spring is full of growing, blooming, magical things. It’s almost as though our senses awaken, and it’s a wonderful opportunity to discover things together. On a walk, do you smell the neighbor’s lilac bush in full bloom, or the freshly mown grass, or the rain on the pavement? In the grocery store, are there potted daffodils or hydrangeas? Inhale deep
  2. Get wet! Storm rolling in? Put on a coat and rain boots and take a walk. Umbrella optional! A gentle rain can sound like a downpour under the umbrella, walking out to the driveway and back in the wet with your child can be completely unexpected and inspire glee. After that…
  3. Cuddle up. Lightning outside? A last snow flurry? A cozy night after a warm and beautiful day? After a bath, make some tea or hot chocolate and sit and watch the world. Perhaps read a book, or just sit together.
  4. Find something new. Go on walkabout, and see what you can see. Robins are a sure sing Spring is here. Are earthworms wiggling on the sidewalk after rain? Are tiny leaves peeking out of the ground or on trees? Is the bulb that began yesterday opening today? Spring is transformative, and it’s so joyful to discover things every day.
  5. Grow. It’s a time when Winter clothes are stored away or donated, and warmer things re-emerge — items handed down from an older friend or sibling, or things acquired at the end of last Summer that were just a bit too big. Evaluate how much your child has grown. What fits, what are you now too big for? Do you have a wall or doorjamb where these measurements are recorded?blog-image-edited-2-resize

Written by,

Charlotte Wood

Source: Baan Dek


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