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French Happenings Mai 2014

Posted on by French

Thursday, May 8

The end of the year is upon us in French. Here are some special things we are working on in May.

Kindergarten - since I unexpectedly missed Spring Sing (major sad face), I am brainstorming a special event I can do with Kindergarten to make it up to them.

Level 1 - is learning everything about the calendar and also will be preparing to be customers in the 4th level fruit market.

Level 2 – is planning a special event. They are also researching personal questions of interest about France or French, and preparing to be customers in the 4th level Fruit market.

Level 3 – is researching personal questions of interest about France / French and preparing for an end-of-year event. They are also preparing to be customers in the 4th level fruit market.

Level 4 – Is researching castles in France and planning a fruit market where younger French students can come “buy” a snack (in French, of course.)

Level 5 – Is mastering the play l‘Arbre ungali.  We will set a performance date soon. They will also be learning geography, names, and flags of the 25 French-speaking countries in Africa.

Level 7/6 - Has finished working on the play l’Arbre ungali.  They are beginning to read the book, Y a-t-il des ours en Afrique? by Satomi Ichikawa and researching three Francophone countries in Africa, Morocco, Senegal, and Madagascar.

Level 8 – Has completed work on the play Veux-tu danser?  and is finishing a verb blitz.  They are preparing a “progressive dinner” in Switzerland, Belgium, and France. Teams are researching the “most beautiful small town” in their country and inviting classmates to a progressive dinner with typical foods from that country. We are excited to have Justine, our college student from France and Belgium, to lend her expertise. (Justine’s mother is an award-winning chef on French television and Justine inherited lots of culinary talent from her!)

Some Middle School students continue to prepare for their trip to France, which includes immersion in a French family, next month.  The countdown begins!

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