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Fun in the Rose Room

Posted on by Rose

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We had mud fun in the Rose Room!  Last week, our UT student, Mary, made “fake” mud for our sensory table.  She hid fish, frogs and turtles in the “mud” for the children to find.

Today we made “clean” mud from Ivory soap, toilet paper and water.  Our room smelled so clean!  We put Arctic animals in the table with the “mud.”  And, just in case your child isn’t getting enough mud inside, our outdoor playground has plenty!  Thank you for sending appropriate outdoor clothing.


Thank you to Elise for our adorable hedgehog door stop.  The children love our second Franklin!

Thank you to Lincoln and his grandma for the truck book donations.  Our truck books are well loved!

Next week is Spring Break.  We hope you have a safe and fun break.  There are so many family friendly activities in our Toledo area to check out.

Remember that a consistent routine is the key to a happy toddler.  So, even if you are enjoying day trips or a big vacation, keep a consistent routine.  Maintain nap times and bed times as well as regular meal times.  It will make your vacation more enjoyable for all!  Also, toddlers have their own speed.  For them it is often about the journey not the destination.  A one block walk to the park may take 30 minutes!  A toddler wants to take in all the sites on the way!  This is a great opportunity to build vocabulary.  Get down to your child’s eye level and see the world as (s)he sees it.

Take time to read to your child over the break.  Spend plenty of time snuggled up with simple board books.  Bake or cook with your toddler.  They love to pour and stir.  Simple activities are so meaningful when they are shared with the people they love.

We will see you in April!

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