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Goldfinch Classroom Updates

Posted on by Goldfinch

Welcome back from spring vacation!  We hope you all had a relaxing and fun time.  Here are a few classroom updates.

First,  the second grade historical fashion show is Friday, April 11, at 2:35 in the Goldfinch classroom.  Second grade parents are welcome to join us.  The show will take about 10 minutes.

Second,  all lower elementary students will be taking an adventure to the Toledo Zoo on Friday, April 25.  This will be an all day trip.  The students will be transported by bus. Each student will need a sack lunch and clothing that fits the weather for the day.

Next,  all students have been studying the United States.  From learning the states’ location, to the capitals, and abbreviations, each level has been busy.  Natalie shared artifacts, books and postcards from her recent trip to Arizona, while Tonya shared a story about the St. Louis Arch.  With our nutrition lessons also occurring during the states study, it was the perfect opportunity to share foods grown in certain states.  We tasted foods or drinks from six states.  We drank Florida orange juice, ate Hawaiian pineapple, tasted California strawberries, Michigan apples, and Georgia peaches.  Our final tasting was Arizona prickly pear cactus honey.  The students enjoyed sampling these foods.  Each food and its state was plotted on a USA map to record our adventures.

Finally, the second and third level students have been studying the Six Kingdoms of Life.  While second level had an introduction to the kingdoms, the third level explored each kingdom in depth.  In lessons, we experimented and discovered that bacteria prefers growing in warm conditions.  Bacteria is part of the Prokaryote Kingdom.  For the Fungi Kingdom, we ate mushrooms and grew lots of blue-green bread mold.  The students enjoyed their mushrooms with a little garlic salt.  The tasting was a success!  We have several slides to look at under the microscope of bacteria, protista, fungi, plants, and animals.  Next, we are off to study the Animal Kingdom’s invertebrates.

Thank you for all your support at home.  We look forward to a great rest of the school year!



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