How To Stimulate Your Toddlers Brain Development!

Posted on by Helena Eddings

Adults often talk about getting organized. We think in terms of time and space. Appointments that need to be scheduled. The mudroom piled with out-of-season clothes and boots. Chores that need to be done.


Babies and tiny children are consumed instead with organizing their brains. The unconscious activity of sorting and categorizing sounds, touches, smells, sights and emotional experiences is a full-time job for developing brains. For example, an infantā€™s brain can perceive every possible sound. However, by 10 months old babies have learned to focus on the sounds of their native language and screen out foreign sounds. Ninety percent of the sentences uttered by the average 3-year-old are grammatically correct.

It makes sense to expose your little ones to a rich variety of experiences and opportunity during their first few years. Stimulate their brain development with music, conversation, and different places to move and explore. At a playgroup, even when children are too young to engage with each other, the interaction of adults in new settings with different vocabulary or patterns of speech offers more fodder for brain consumption.

Explore the outdoors. Babes in arms can feel the bark on different trees and little children who can barely walk notice cracks in the sidewalk, ants carrying tiny bits of food, or pine cones hidden in the leaves. Each experience offers the opportunity to teach new words, organize thoughts.

Consider joining a parent/child class that offers broad new stimuli. Active exploration in a guided group setting offers many enriched experiences not available at home, and trained leaders can share parenting and teaching tips for you to add to your parenting repertoire.

Be conscious of the richness and diversity you offer your little ones and marvel at the way their amazing brains absorb and organize it all.

Lynn Fisher,

Head of School

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