Ideas for Summer Learning

Posted on by Helena Eddings

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Ideas for Summer Learning


The core idea of the Montessori curriculum is what is called a “constructivist” model, which suggests that children can learn from the real world through a process of discovery and working with materials rather than by direct instruction. Summer holidays, therefore, are a great way practice this central tenet of Montessori i.e. let them engage with the world and learn.


Here are ideas for you to try this summer:

  1. Let your child help in the kitchen
    • Name and identify vegetables from the crisper and match them to the ones in big picture books or name and identify colors of fruits and vegetables.
    • Practice naming textures like hard, soft, squishy, and sticky.
    • Make lemonade! Allowing a toddler to help with lemonade has a multitude of benefits – motor control, learning to squeeze and handle a lemon, the joy of discovery and creating (mom, I can make lemonade and it’s fun!), creativity – adding sugar, salt or rose extract to create exotic flavors, freezing lemonade to make ice-lollipops and so on.
    • Let them help create meals, shell peas or peel easy fruits, and even set the table to encourage independence.
  2. Go to the Market – Introduce your child to the real world, explain that money and shopping works through exchange, help them identify and count out simple groceries, ask them to spell out and identify items.
  3. The Great Outdoors – Summer evenings are a great time to spend in the park.  Show your toddler around the park, name local flowers, help him/her identify leaves and their colors and shapes.
  4. Conversation –  Have a conversation with your toddler.  Sit down and talk to them. Ask them how their day was, what they did, who their friends are and what they found fun in the day. Being able to narrate and speak/respond in turn are valuable skills.


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