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Iris News

Posted on by Iris

Hooray for Grandparents and Special Friends Day!  Many of the children have been talking about this day all week!  These are always such special days, and the children not only enjoy showing off their work, but their classmates as well. Many even “shared” their  grandparents or friends with children whose were unable to attend.  Thanks to all of the Grandparents and Special Friends who took the time to come and visit with us. It really is a special day for all of us!

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Recently at the water table, the children were excited to find two basins of soapy water.  Next to the basins are two place settings consisting of a plate and cup and to complete sets of silverware.  The children really seem to enjoy washing dishes and this is a great activity for them to help with at home.  Have your child stand on a stool at the sink with a sponge (we’ve found if you cut a sponge in 1/2, it is easier for them to handle) and let him scrub away!  They love participating in this “grown up” work and it provides them with a great sense of accomplishment.  Plus, it’s FUN!


All four boxes of the knobbless cylinders have now been added to the sensorial shelf. Each box has ten cylinders of different height and circumference.  The children start with the largest and line them up to the smallest.  In children’s house they will add the step of building them up from largest to smallest.  At this level it is to tempting to knock the towers down!


If your child has mentioned to you about something “blue” in our fish tank, it is not the water!  A blue crayfish was recently added to our tank.  The children love looking for it and can usually find it hiding in the “castle rock” in our tank.  One of the exciting things about this crayfish is it “molts” or sheds its shell.  We took out the old shell and investigated it.  Most of the children wanted to just look at it but some were willing to touch it and thought it felt soft.  The children kept going back to the tank to make sure the crayfish was still in there.



A few of our children have recently begun to show more interest in toileting.  We have a few “helpful” hints for you to help along with this process.  We encourage as much independence as possible.  To help your child with this we recommend no onesies , as they fall in the toilet, and elastic waist pants (much easier for them to pull up and down). Working together will get your child there successfully!

To help with recognition of their own names; at snack time we have begun placing a card with the children’s first name on a placement at the table.  We are encouraging(and helping) the to find their names before they sit down.  They are beginning to recognize to their own names and their friends as well!


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