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Iris News

Posted on by Iris

The pink tower has made its debut!  The tower consistes of ten solid wooden cubes in equally incremental size from 1cm to 1000cm cubed.  At this age, the tower is used to help develop coordination, concentration and to increase awareness of dimension. The children start by placing a rug on the floor.  They being to carry each cube one at a time and place it on their rug. The next challenge is to find the largest cube and begin to build the tower from largest to smallest.  It takes a lot of concentration and coordination to build this tower, especially when placing the smallest cube on top.  The children are so proud of themselves when the tower had been built. The tower is then taken down one cube at a time (this takes a lot of self control, as at this age, it is very tempting to knock it down) and returned to its place for another friend to try. Many of the children were eager to give it a try.



The first of four boxes of  knobbless cylinders have been introduced.  These cylinders are the same in height but different in dimension.


In the language area the children have discovered oven mitts, child size aprons and chef hats.  Along with an object to picture work containing; spatulas, wisks, ladles, and spoons, they have been “cooking” a variety of items.  Beginning sound books and sandpaper letters have been introduced as well.  The sound booklets consist of a letter followed by the pictures that begin with that initial sound (i.e.: ‘b’ as in ‘bat’) The children are very excited to find their picture at the end of the book with the beginning sound of their name.



The pipe building work found in the manipulative area has been a very exciting choice.

As the children concentrate to connect the pipes, they are strenghtening their wrist muscels as well.

IMG_2401 IMG_2386


What wonderful workers we have!

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