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Iris News

Posted on by Iris

IMG_0672     Has your child come home with mysterious rectangles of paper in his backpack?  These may be the result of our new pin punching activity. A small carpet square, 5×5 piece of paper and an oversized push pin are the tools needed for this task.  There is a line drawn down the middle of the paper and taking the push pin in hand, the child pushes it through the paper, which rests on the carpet square.  Once he has punched all the way down the line,  a teacher helps separate the paper into two halves.  This activity is great for small muscle control, eye-hand coordination and the reinforcement of the pincer grasp, for the only way to punch successfully with the push pin is to hold it as you would a pencil.


IMG_0614     Cutting with scissors has also recently been introduced.  The children have been practicing cutting thin strips of card stock and then placing the pieces in a container on the shelf.  Although the use of scissors can be quite challenging for some, they are doing a  wonderful job.


IMG_0679      At the easel, the children were surprised to find two colors of paint.  They were even more excited to watch what happened when the blue mixes with the yellow, it makes green!




IMG_0668     Now that the children’s pouring skills are becoming stronger, we have added a more challenging work to the practical life area.  This is work that the children pour sand from one glass bottle to another using a funnel.


IMG_0678     A telephone on a table with a pencil and a pad of paper is not only prompting great phone conversations (ie: “How was your day?”, “Hi, mommy/daddy”), but also practicing the pencil grasp as notes are taken.




The children enjoyed celebrating Montessori Education week last week by working with lower elementary students throughout the week and joining in a school wide sing a long at the end of the week.  A lot of dancing and singing was enjoyed by all!

IMG_0630 IMG_0632 IMG_0638 0228140914


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