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Iris news

Posted on by Iris


IMG_2612   The slightly warmer weather was definately a welcome event for us. We really enjoyed taking walks in the woods and getting back out to our playground! The children were very excited to ride the bikes, push the mowers, build sand castles and climb the obstacle course.  We would like to remind you to please make sure your child has a hat and mittens in his/her backpack on colder mornings. We do try to get out as much as possible (even if only for a few minutes) and it can be quite chilly.

Your child may be bringing home colored pieces of paper on which they have used a colored pencil to draw a curvilinear triangle or an oval. The metal insets have been introduced. The insets help the children trace these shapes. It takes patience and coordination to hold the inset still with one hand, while using the pencil to trace it with the other hand.  This is also good practice using the pencil grasp and future hand writing.


Many children have been working with a memory type game using photos of different objects. The cards are placed upside down on a table and the children turn them over to try to find the ones that match.  Some of them have become very good at remembering where the matches are. This would be a great activitiy for you to do at home!

In the art area we have introduced scisssors. Cutting work can be very challenging and it takes quite a bit of concentration and coordination for their small hands to “open and close” the scissors to successfully cut strips, made from greeting cards.


The children are strengthening their coordination as they transfer water from one side of a  bowl to another using a small baster.


To help reinforce number recognition and counting, we have introduced a “sets basket”.  In this basket you will find wooden numbers 1-5 and in the space next to them are objects ranging from 1-5.  For example; one apple, two large dice, three furry bears, etc. Figuring out that three bears go next to the number three is quite a challenge.



Introducing the concept of balancing: many children have been hanging monkeys on a tree. They are beginning to understand where to place the monkeys to prevent  the tree from toppling over. (A few have been heard asking where the alligator is though.:-))



Doll washing is bubbling over with excitement!  The children put the  doll in a basin of warm water and then take the washcloth and soap to wash the baby.  They wash the baby so long that the water turns white with heavy soap film.  It’s amazing that they can hold onto the baby to get her out and dry her on a bath towel !



A few reminders: Grandparents/Special Friends Day is fast approaching. Friday, May 8, 2015 is for children who attend school Mon-Fri, or Weds-Fri.  Monday, May 11, 2015 is for children who attend school on Mon-Tues.  The children are always excited to show their work and their friends.

Our spring funddraiser, OAKED, is Saturday May 9, 2015. This is a great event to help support our school and to meet other wonderful West Side families.

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