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Iris News

Posted on by West Side Montessori

Welcome back!

After the holiday break,  the children seemed excited to see their friends and get back into their routines.  Pasting, pin punching and painting, oh my…the children have been very busy! Using a small container of paste and a small brush, the children have been very busy pasting small squares of paper onto a larger piece of paper. This requires the children to gather all of the necessary materials at the table before beginning: a mat, a tray with paste, and a piece of paper.  After spreading paste on the small square piece, the children turn it over and apply it to the larger piece of paper (a tricky step).  They are not only strengthening their wrist muscles and eye hand corridination, they are learning to count to five, as they hold the small piece of paper down, while counting to five, to help it stick.IMG_2144

Pin punching requires a lot of concentration and the children are doing a great job! The children place a 5×5 square piece of paper on a slightly larger piece of a carpet square and using a large push pin, pushes holes through the line drawn down the center of the paper. Once enough holes have been punched, the paper can be torn in half. They are very excited to “tear” their paper.  This activitiy is excellent for increasing fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination and reinforcing the pincher grasp. Once they have mastered punching on a straight line, we will introduce shapes.


Is your child coming home with mysterious smudges on elbows, fingers, or knees?  The good news is, it’s washable! Painting at the easel has been a popular choice. There are many steps to this process, and the children are doing a great job putting on the apron, painting(some a few strokes, others the whole paper :-)) washing the easel and hanging up the apron when finished.


Shouts of excitement could be heard from everyone as we were able to get outside last week!  All bundled up, the children were very excited to be on the playground. Although the snow wasn’t the best for making a snowman, the children did their best to make “Olaf”, complete with a carrot nose. :-) Making snow angels and building with the snow in the sandbox was also huge hit!


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