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Iris News

Posted on by Iris

IMG_0866     Horray!!!  Warmer weather has finally arrived and we hope it is here to stay! As you can see, everyone is excited to get back outside!  The introduction to  Soccer shots was a huge hit!

IMG_0868IMG_0867 IMG_0881 IMG_0880

IMG_0802     Not only have the children  enjoyed being outside, they have been equally busy since Spring vacation, choosing very challenging work. Just before Spring vacation, metal insets were introduced. Your child may have been bringing home colored pieces of paper on which they have used a colored pencil to draw a curvilinear triangle or an oval. The insets help them to trace these shapes. It takes patience and coordination to hold the inset still with one hand, while using the pencil to trace it with the other hand. This is also good practice for their pencil grasp and future hand writing.

IMG_0877     In the sensorial area, the pink tower has made its debut! The tower consists of ten solid wooden cubes in equally incremental size from 1cm to 1000cm cubed. At this age, it is used to help develop coordination, concentration and to increase awareness of dimension.  The children start by placing a rug on the floor. They begin to carry each cube one at a time and place it on their rug. The next challenge is to find the largest cube and begin to build the tower from largest to smallest. It takes a lot of concentration and coordination to build this tower, especially when placing the smallest cube on top. The children are so proud of themselves when the tower has been built. The tower is then taken down one cube at a time and returned to its place for another friend to try. (This in itself takes a lot of control. At this age it is quite tempting to knock it down!)

IMG_0822     A sign of spring waddled in front of us as we were taking a walk before spring break! If you look closely, you can see two mallard ducks waddling across the path where we were walking. We were fortunate enough to be able to watch them for a few minutes as we tried to guess which one was the mommy(the brown one) and which one was the daddy(the one with pretty colors). More excitement followed as we heard them quacking as we walked away! Another sure sign, spring is here!




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