Is Your Home Childproof or Child-Friendly?

Posted on by Helena Eddings

A childproofed house is full of locked doors, gated rooms, plastic, and “no” statements.

A child-friendly home is full of teachable moments, opportunities for learning value and trust, and experiences of art and beauty.

Children are much more competent than we allow them to be. In the past, children were responsible for polishing brass, collecting eggs, mending clothing, and preparing meals. When we childproof our homes we send the message that children are incapable of self control and undeserving of meaningful work.
Instead of removing items from your child’s environment, teach them how to handle and care for them properly. Allowing small children to handle glass, porcelain, wood, metal, and other materials is critical to the development of their nervous system. When children are only exposed to plastic, they are unable to accurately coordinate their movements to assess weight, density, fragility, texture, and pressure.
Involve your children in caring for their environment. Allow them to safely explore cabinets and rooms while you observe. Keep brass candlesticks and glass paperweights within their reach. Allow them to help you carefully polish and dust them. Invite them to look at beautiful pieces of art or hold fragile items in their hands.
In order for children to be careful, they need the opportunity to practice caring for things. Occasionally items will break or small cuts may happen, but that’s life. Experience is our greatest teacher. Providing a child-friendly home is the best learning experience we can offer our children.
Written by,
Sarah Kreinbrink

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