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Loving Language

Posted on by Lilac

Language development is found everywhere in the classroom. Language is communication in verbal and nonverbal forms. Oral language develops as children interact socially with their peers and teachers. Practical Life activities aid in coordination and the control of movement needed for writing. Sensorial work choices support the intellect to classify and organize. Metal Insets give mastery to the hand in using an instrument to practice staying within limits and using a light touch for writing. The book corner expands the child’s imagination and inquiry about the world through books; thus, supports a love of reading at a young age. The language shelf itself is organized to associate the sounds of letters with a symbol that can be blended with other phonemes to produce words. Montessori works like the sandpaper letters and moveable alphabet grow with the child and are a instrumental part of interpreting sounds in spoken words.

Below: Lilac students choosing Pin Pushing & Metal Insets



Below: Two students working on the Alphabet Step Board to match letters and sequence the alphabet


Below: Initial Sound work and Moveable Alphabet allows students to work with small objects as a point of interest



“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment” -Maria Montessori

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