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Maple Room News

Posted on by Maple

Weeks of December 2nd, 9th, and 16th


Recently, letter “r” was introduced. The phonics chant for this letter is “R, r, r. No rain at recess. R, r, r is r.” Work choices on the shelf included labeling objects that began with “r”, a word family card to practice the -ock family (such as rock, sock, lock, block, and dock), a sliding word card to practice reading words that rhyme with ring, and rhyming puzzles. Some rhymes practiced included wig/pig, dog/frog, nail/pail, tree/bee, etc. The rectangle metal inset was reviewed and used to make a shape book. Additional ideas to do at home making a list of foods in your refrigerator, collecting menus from restaurants and circling particular letters or words, or writing letters in a plate of rice.


We began exploring a new continent in geography. Here are some clues. See if you can guess. This is the fifth largest continent. It is almost fully covered by ice. It is the coldest and windiest place on the planet. It is the continent of Antarctica. It seemed appropriate to introduce during this frigid season when we are experiencing the wintry weather first-hand. We also clarified that Antarctica is in the South Pole and the Arctic is in the North Pole. They are on opposite sides of the world. Polar bears and penguins never meet because polar bears live in the Arctic and penguins in Antarctica. Activities on the shelf included pin punching the continent, informational books to research Antarctica, labeling different types of penguins (including a King penguin, an Emperor penguin, a Rockhopper penguin, and a Macaroni penguin), matching pictures of mpenguins, and a book to label of different types of penguins. We discussed the appropriate type of clothes to wear there and how important it is to keep your skin covered and not expose it to the cold. Temperatures reach as low as -129 degrees Fahrenheit there. A comparison was made to the temperatures we experience in Ohio. Research told us that January is the warmest month in Antarctica with temperatures mostly below zero degrees. Scientists and tourists are really the only people that visit. There is no official population.


A second year student labels a book of penguins in Antarctica.


The art work of Paul Klee was a topic of discussion in the Maple Room. He was a painter born in Switzerland on December 18, 1879. There were several different aspects of his art work that he was known for, such as his landscape drawings and drawing with a needle on a black pane of glass. He also liked to experiment with color, such as by using pale watercolors as well. He had a military career during World War 1 and continued to paint during that time. Klee worked in different media, such as oil paint, watercolor, ink, pastel, etching, and others. He often combined these media into one work. He also used geometric forms, letters, numbers and combined them with figures of people and animals. He worked a lot in isolation and was very creative.


“Using the work of Paul Klee as an inspiration”


Our UT student Alli finished up her time with us before Winter Break. The children truly enjoyed having her in the classroom. She gave many fun and interesting lessons in math, language, science, art, and fine motor control. We wish her all the best in her future academic endeavors!


A popular work on the shelf has been the trinomial cube. This is a wooden box with a hinged top containing large and small cubes, as well as rectangular prisms. The children take out the pieces one layer at a time and place them onto their rug. The trinomial cube has three layers. The concepts of how to remove and replace the layers into the box as well as the differences in height between the layers are practiced.


A kindergartener gives a lesson on the trinomial cube.

Open House-

Thank you to all of the parents and family members who visited the Maple Room on the last day of school before Winter Break. Everyone pitched in and helped with art projects as well as enjoyed choosing work with the children. A sing-along concluded the morning. Happy Holidays and we will see you in 2014!




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