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March News

Posted on by Rose

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How does a pineapple taste?  Is it sweet?  Spicy?  What does it smell like?  How does the outside of the pineapple feel?  Pokey?  The children answered all these scientific questions today with Stacey.  Simply learning to observe and describe the pineapple is the beginnings of scientific analysis (as well as a tasty lesson).


The children were so happy to get back outside on the playground!  Please send snow pants, snow boots, warm coat, hats and mittens for outdoor play.

Jackie is still here…no baby yet!  Stay tuned!  On another baby note…there must be something in the Rose Room water because our Stacey is having a baby, too!  She is due in July!  (No Molly is not having a baby!}


It’s hard to believe, but Summer is only a few months away!  Come join Stacey and Molly for Summer at West Side!  Registration begins April 1st.


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