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Meet Mudbud

Posted on by Sassafras

A few weeks ago, on an afternoon when the weather was nice, we ventured out to play. Some of the children were playing and some offered to help with a little spring cleaning of the porch.  As we swept the leaves from under the shelves we made a wonderful discovery-a toad!  Mudbud, as he is affectionately known to the children of Sassafras, has ever since been a part of our room.  His habitat is a large tote with plenty of dirt, leaves and sticks.  There is also a dish a water for Mudbud to soak in and absorb water.  (Did you know toads don’t drink water with their mouths?)  The children have really enjoyed having Mudbud in the room.  His presence has encouraged a lot of curiosity and new work was added to the science shelves in response.  The children have learned so much from the work and through observing him.  For example, the concept of camouflage,  the life cycle of a frog/toad, and what makes an animal an amphibian.


The best part is watching him eat.  The children sit and wait patiently and quietly for Mudbud to see the mealworms move.  Then, in an instant, out flicks his tongue and his eyes blink as he enjoys his meal.

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