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More First Week Activities

Posted on by Samantha Marvin

Along with learning lots of new procedures and camp expectations, our friends in Children’s House have been having a blast!

Here we are spending time with our Rosenbloom Farm friends. The bunny felt like velvet, one student said!

Here we are spending time with our Rosenbloom Farm friends. The bunny felt like velvet, one student said!

On Wednesday, we had a visit from Rosenbloom Farm. The children got to meet a chicken, a goat and a bunny!  The children learned that the animals they met were truly pets to the farmers and required typical pet care.  All three pets required different diets, regular grooming and exercise each day. What a great lesson!

On Thursday, we had a morning full of water fun! We turned the slide on the natural playground into a water slide with a splash pool waiting at the bottom! There was also a sprinkler to run through. The children squealed with delight as they watched their friends make their splash into the pool!

Our team is already planning some great activities for our upcoming dinosaur-themed week beginning on Monday!  In the afternoon STEM program, the children will be creating their own dinosaur habitats with clay dinosaurs.  All of the habitats will be featured in their dinosaur exhibit.  We will also be introducing the word onomatopoeia and give their dinosaurs their own unique sound!  Of course we will be having lots of fun outdoor play as well, including nature walks, dinosaur kites and plenty of water fun!

Please remember to send your camper with a snack, a towel, a change of clothing (including shoes) and lunches for full-day friends.  Also, please apply sunscreen to your child each morning before camp. We will reapply sunscreen before they go outside in the afternoon. Enjoy these photos of your wonderful children! We thank you so much for sharing them with us this week.  It has been an absolute joy for us teachers!




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