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We had a special visit from Nature’s Nursery yesterday! The students have been working a lot with different animals, biomes, and some adaptations that animals have. During the presentation yesterday, we learned a little more about adaptations, had the opportunity to see and touch a few different animals, and got to review some features of different biomes that the animals are native to! Here a few things we learned yesterday and some questions you might ask your child about the presentation:

  1. Why do they call the Desert Tortoise “The Engineer of the Desert”?
  2. What special adaptation does the Desert Tortoise have that helps it to stay warm when it gets so cold in the desert at night?
  3. What do Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrels do in order to look out for danger and help their colonies?
  4. What is a deciduous forest?
  5. You might also ask them what they learned about the Madagascar Hissing Cockroach and the Eastern Screech Owl.

It was an enjoyable presentation that the kids, along with the adults, enjoyed! Nature’s Nursery has different events and open houses, so it might be worth checking out as a family adventure!

See the Nature’s Nursery gallery for a few photos of the presentation!

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