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Nature’s Nursery Visit

Posted on by Maple

Animals are a topic of interest for the kindergarten children. Our last week of school before Spring Break, two staff members from Nature’s Nursery visited us. Nature’s Nursery is located in Whitehouse, Ohio. They help provide medical care to orphaned wild animals that are sick or injured. Their goal is to set the animals back into the wild when they are healed. That’s where the animals are at their best.  They also provide nature education programs for children and adults. The ladies from Nature’s Nursery began our program by asking the children what kind of wild animals we have in Ohio. Their responses included squirrels, birds, toads, deer, bunnies, and owls. Then, we talked about what to do if you see a wild animal that is sick or injured. It was emphasized that you should never touch it. Bunnies, for example, can die from fret because they get so scared. Always tell an adult and you can tell them to call Nature’s Nursery for help. Several animals were brought with the ladies from Nature’s Nursery to share with the children. They included two toads named Clementine and Winston, who were injured in a gardening accident. They blended in with the grass. The toads were missing some toes and fingers and one had lost his left eye. The next animal was a squirrel named Amy. She was thrown off of an amusement ride and has one back foot missing, as well as half of her other back foot. She ran around in a wheel as if she was perfectly normal. The third animal we viewed was an American Kestrel named Maverick. She was taken out of the wild as a baby and now Nature’s Nursery is taking care of her because she would not be able to survive in the wild. Finally, the children had the opportunity to touch a tortoise named Adobe. We learned tortoises live longer than turtles. As an activity, a few children held up paper wings to represent different birds of prey, such as an eagle, a turkey vulture, and a hawk. Two things needed to be a bird of prey include talons and a sharp beak. It was an amazing presentation and the children loved viewing the animals up close and personal!


A story about two toads named Winston and Clementine was shared with us.


Winston and Clementine close-up!


The children are excited to see the animals.


Questions are answered.


A squirrel named Amy. The kids loved its name!


Amy was in constant motion.


Children hold up the birds of prey wings.

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