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Nature’s Nursery Visits the Goldfinch Room

Posted on by Goldfinch

On Wednesday Nature’s Nursery visited our classroom and discussed vertebrates, invertebrates, habitats, and animal adaptations.  These topics connect to our zoology lessons with Natalie.  The presenter from Nature’s Nursery shared with us four animals and how their facility rescued them.  The students learned that it is best to leave wild animals in their natural habitats.

We had the opportunity to touch an Arizona desert tortoise, a Madagascar hissing cockroach, an opossum, and an eastern screech owl.  Do you know what a tortoise’s shell is made of?  How many body parts does a cockroach have?  What makes opossums unique to North America?  Are owl’s wings really silent?  Ask your child if he or she knows these answers.  We learned a lot of zoology information to add to our growing knowledge bank. 


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