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Nice Narwhal News

Posted on by Bluebird

October 2013

Although Maria 172Montessori created the Montessori materials for very specific work, our students find ways to be innovative and creative.  For example, the students have used the colored bead bars for composing numbers, multiplying in the decanomial, adding 2 numerals, completing the snake game, and forming geometric figures.  When the nine chain was not available, Chianna decided to create her own and even had room for some mathematical art.  I wonder what the sum of the her name is?!





165These 2nd/3rd year students taste roasted swollen roots such as beets, onions, sweet potatoes, carrots, and turnips. The students loved learning about roots and many ate certain roots for the very first time!  We encourage risk-taking daily.




171Determination and perseverance are evident in Lower Elementary as illustrated here by Remy.  She is helping to put away one of the cubing chains while holding on to her crutches for dear life!






As we learned about the universe, 2nd level studied the timeline of moon exploration through this mobile.  Organizing and stringing the events were quite an accomplishment.






Parent involvement is much appreciated.  Defne demonstrates the water purification cycle to a group of 2nd year students. The presentation was such a hit that she came back the following week to present it to the 3rd year students. Thank you so much Defne for sharing your knowledge with us.







Third-year student Allison shares her diabetes story with the class. She brought in her diabetes bear to demonstrate how she checks her sugar, gives her body insulin, and uses her pump. The children were very interested in learning about Allison’s diabetes and how to be a P.A.L to Allison. Several of the students joined  Allison in her diabetes walk this past month.






045Do you smell?  Are you yellow?  These are the questions that pollinators asked the flowers during a game at Toledo Botanical Gardens.








Here is the unveiling of our Nice Narwhals classroom flag! Thanks to everyone on the flag committee for taking time to create such an amazing piece of art, especially Danielle Snyder!! The opening ceremony was a huge success and such a wonderful beginning to our school year.

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