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North America-United States and Mexico

Posted on by Sassafras

We began our study of North America a couple of weeks ago.  We looked at the North American puzzle map and talked about the different countries that make up North America.  Then we moved specifically to the United States.  We studied the United States flag and the children enjoyed coloring their own flag.

We took a look at a popular style of music and dance in the United States-the disco.  The children loved putting on the disco clothes and we all learned to disco to “Stayin’ Alive!”







Next, we started our study of Mexico!  We learned about Cinco de Mayo and had our own little fiesta!  The children made guacamole, tried on Mexican clothing, and learned the Mexican Hat Dance!  In our Practical Life area of the room the children could also grate cheese and make their own quesadilla.




We began a study of a Mexican artist, Frida Kahlo.  We learned a little about her life and the main style of paintings that she did-self-portraits.  The children have been working very hard on making their own self-portraits by studying themselves in a mirror.

photo 4(1)



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